Carol Cole ~ SculptOR ~

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When someone falls in love with one of my sculptures and wants to purchase it, they sometimes worry about where they will put it. I have found that if you really like a piece of art, it will fit in with what you already have and it will find a place. To illustrate this, the Collectors' Gallery shows snapshots of the sculptures in their varied new settings.


If you own a piece of my work, I would greatly appreciate if you could take a picture of it to add to this gallery. I have close-up "studio shots" of each piece, but what I'd like are pictures of the piece that show its surroundings in your home or office.


To insure your privacy, the picture will appear on the website identified only by your city or town. Of course you will know which is yours, and I hope you will enjoy seeing it on the web.


You can email digital images to me at

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